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Data and analysis

Good decisions

The best decisions are the most informed decisions, and we use data to get our clients' businesses ahead of the curve and facilitate sound commercial decision-making. For most rights owners, media rights are by far their most valuable revenue stream and it's vital to access quality data.


We work with the world's best data analysts in sport to provide us with a bedrock of data – from audience ratings through to bespoke consumer research – to help our clients make the most informed decisions for their rights. We work extensively in UK and in all key markets around the world.

Rights Valuation

Maximise revenues

A clear understanding of the value of media and betting rights is a critical component to achieve success in a rapidly evolving landscape. This understanding is vital to fully maximise revenues and exploit potential from every available revenue stream.

We use a variety of valuation modelling tailored to specific rights, across streaming, PAY TV, retail betting, PPV, owned media and Free TV.


We will factor forecast trends including macro-economic data, legislative changes and the emergence of new technology on our clients’ rights.

Sales Strategy

Key relevant data

We devise media and betting sales strategies tailored to each individual client, underpinned by sourcing key relevant data and robust valuation modelling. Our strategies are also tailored to each individual rights revenue stream and territory on a global basis.

Demand and dynamics

We proactively canvass all prospective rights buyers in every core market to provide a clear insight into market demand and dynamics, and design tender or sales processes to maximise competition, and achieve optimal revenues and distribution.

Rights Sales


Media rights sales has been at the heart of our business for two decades and we have a clear reputation as a major leading sales agency. 

Full spectrum

Rights sales can come under many guises – from highly competitive ITT processes in core markets to seeking out buyers in emerging territories – our expertise covers the full spectrum across all the major, and many less developed sports.

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